April 14, 2021

The artworld has a language of its own that can be tricky to keep up with, even for us! We are here to help decipher some of the terms often used and unpack what they mean. So, let’s talk shop! 

Artist Collective

An Artist Collective is a group of artists who come together, typically under a specific name, and work to develop shared ideas and projects. Artists in these collectives often come from diverse backgrounds and have various skills that contribute to the work that is done. Most artist collectives are freeform with their membership and tend to have members that come and go. Sometimes the members of the group also depend on the particular project they are working on and if a certain skillset is needed.

SMoCA has worked with several artist collectives in the past, including UK-based collective, Squidsoup, who we have had the opportunity to work with twice on their immersive light installations: Murmuration and Ocean of Light: Submergence – A Squidsoup Project.

Squidsoup. Photo: Charles Darr.
Murmuration exhibition
Squidsoup, Murmuration, 2019.

We also currently have artwork by the DouglaPrieta Trabajan (DPT) collective in the exhibition, Division of Labor: Women Shifting a Transnational Gaze

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