June 9, 2021

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Watch artists Diedrick Brackens and Therosia Reynolds with students and teachers from Saguaro and Shadow Mountain High Schools as they discuss the outcome of their semester long Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation residency inspired by the exhibition Diedrick Brackens: ark of bulrushes on view at SMoCA.

Over the past semester, the students worked with Learning & Innovation residency artist Therosia Reynolds to develop new artwork in response to SMoCA’s exhibition ark of bulrushes. The students participated in workshops to identify current social issues and researched historical events that mirror present times. Through the guided process, students developed their own voices around narratives that impact them personally and found ways to express them through art. Their artworks—patchwork collages using symbolism, references to the past, and aspects of hope for the future—will be on view June 25 – Sept. 5, 2021 in the ArtReach Space as part of the culminating Learning & Innovation exhibition, A Stitch in Time.

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