Architecture + Art

SMoCA Architecture

Installation views of Architecture + Art: 90 Days Over 100°. Photos: Bill Timmerman

Architecture + Art Exhibition Series:

SMoCA’s exhibition series Architecture + Art continues the Museum’s mission to showcase innovation in contemporary art, architecture and design and to further champion its reputation as the only regional institution that regularly exhibits architecture and design. This groundbreaking program presents projects by architects and artists who explore and challenge the boundaries of architecture and art.

For Architecture + Art, SMoCA commissions architects and artists to create site-specific installations in response to the spatial, environmental and social context of the Museum’s site in Scottsdale, Arizona. The series pushes forward this increasingly important area of creative activity in the field of contemporary art and the ways in which architecture is presented in an art museum setting.

The Architecture + Art program focuses on issues of urbanism/suburbanism and city planning—a topic of increasing importance in our rapidly growing metropolitan area and changing world. SMoCA aims to challenge viewers to reconsider how to read their physical environment and to think more critically about the implications of the constructed world we live in today and imagine our collective future.