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Mayme Kratz – Dwelling #4


Mayme Kratz
United States, born 1958

Dwelling #4, 1998
Resin, bird’s nest and steel base (not pictured); 9 ¼ × 6 × 6 inches
Collection of SMoCA, Gift of Stephen and Ursula Gebert and Lisa Sette Gallery
© Mayme Kratz
Photo: Tim Lanterman

Mayme Kratz’s artistic process is a private and intense path towards personal revelation. “I don’t see my life separate from my work in any way; the two go hand in hand.” Nature is the source of her inspiration and the primary vehicle for exploring the complexity of human experience. She embeds her luminous, cast-resin wall panels and vessels with nature’s loose fragments—lacy insect wings, flower petals, bones and seed pods—all collected on desert hikes or in her own backyard. By gradually cutting and sanding away the surface, Kratz reveals the objects buried under multiple layers of resin. The sense of mindfulness in Kratz’s work reveals her interest in Buddhism and in the concept of intimate attention central to Zen practice. “I am no longer looking at the horizon, I have become so focused and intimate that it’s as if I am looking at the environment under a microscope…I am looking at my own life the same way.”

Abridged text from QUARTET: Kate Breakey, Mayme Kratz, Kyung-Lim Lee and Marie Navarre
May 4 – Aug 25, 2002