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  • Beverly McIver (United States, 1962 – )

    Pretty Is… A Little Black Girl

    38 in. x 27 in.
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    Pretty Is… A Little Black Girl, 2002
    Beverly McIver
    38 in. x 27 in.
    Purchased from the Segura Publishing Archives by the Scottsdale Cultural Council 2002.006.02

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    In this self-portrait, McIver portrays herself as a child in black clown makeup standing alone in front of a painting of a clown. She explained "As a child I had dreamed of becoming a clown to escape my black skin, poverty and the housing project I once called home. Clowning was my disguise, my liberation." As in much of her work, this image confronts black stereotypes as well as gender and social identities. McIver worked with the Segura Publishing Company to produce it.

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