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  • Adria Pecora (United States, 1965 – )

    nets (rafter installation, SMoCA)

    Nylon cord
    dimensions variable
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    nets (rafter installation, SMoCA), 2007
    Adria Pecora
    Nylon cord
    dimensions variable
    Gift of the artist 2007.022.01

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    Adria Pecora explores subtleties of perception and delights in the power of minimalist artistic gestures. Pecora makes multitudes of drawings and allocates them into loosely titled categories: loops, webs, and nets. With each body of work, Pecora sets up specific parameters to explore different relationships between lines; each situation constitutes a kind of puzzle or formal challenge. The net drawings are composed of open-ended straight lines that cross each other but do not form any closed shapes. In her dynamic, site-specific Nets installations, she uses colored thread and light to create large-scale versions of her drawings. She places each line in relation to existing architectural elements and uses light and shadow to toy with perception, as well as optical effects of surface and depth. In this installation, she has used one configuration of her net drawings as a starting point, actualizing the two-dimensional image in the three-dimensional space of the gallery’s rafters.This unusual location within a museum space calls attention to the ways in which site and architecture affect our perception.

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