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  • Angela Ellsworth (United States, 1964 – )

    25,004 Steps to Sandra/Mom (Mesa)

    Graphite, charcoal, pigment, oil stick on panel
    42 in. x 54 in.

    Angela Ellsworth thrives on the beauty and strength inherent in the human spirit, which empower us to overcome life’s obstacles. In her bold performances, installations, and drawings, she explores the relationship of the body to the world. She courageously challenges the limits of societal norms and expectations, tackling intensely personal topics such as health/illness, body image, gender, memory, and spirituality. Ellsworth’s work always has a performative element; although “audience” is a relative term for her, she often depends upon her viewers to complete the performance. Also central to Ellsworth’s practice is drawing as a meansof interpreting and recording a moment, an association, or a connection to a person or place. In her drawings, mark-making takes on a meditative ritualistic significance; whether made with a pencil while walking or with a needle and thread on a paper napkin while riding in a car, each mark has a specific meaning within a prescribed set of guiding concepts.
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    25,004 Steps to Sandra/Mom (Mesa), 2007
    Angela Ellsworth
    Graphite, charcoal, pigment, oil stick on panel
    42 in. x 54 in.
    gift of the artist and Lisa Sette Gallery 2010.015

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