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  • Julianne Swartz (United States, 1967 – )

    Spectrum (Double Blue)

    Magnets, thread, plastic, weights and metal

    Equal parts scientist and poet, Swartz produces work that is analytical and methodical, but also engagingly whimsical and generous. “Spectrum” is a rainbow of broken filaments. Thick cords that look like components of an electrical wiring project arc down from high on the wall, while threads of the same spectrum extend up from the floor. Magnets hold the elements taut. The colors are bright: blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue again. Swartz takes interest in the intersection between the physical and non-physical and makes what is not physical somehow palpable. Viewers bear witness to the overall impression of the magnetic force that is of power and fragility.
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    Spectrum (Double Blue), 2005
    Julianne Swartz
    Magnets, thread, plastic, weights and metal
    Gift of Jonae[accent on the e] and Don DeLong, Doug Jorden, Joan and Rick Levinson, Dr. Eric Jungermann, Susan Krane, Lisa Sette, Carol and Lorin Swagel, Beth Ames Swartz and Beverlee Zell 2006.005

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