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  • Suzanne Klotz (United States, 1944 – )

    La Grange

    Mixed media
    50 in. x 26 in. x 31 in.
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    La Grange, n.d.
    Suzanne Klotz
    Mixed media
    50 in. x 26 in. x 31 in.
    Acquired by the Scottsdale Fine Arts Commission 1978.003.a-c

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    This sculpture was acquired by the Scottsdale Fine Arts commission in 1978 – twenty years before the founding of SMoCA. After many years of public display without protection, and much curiosity on the part of our visitors, the nearly 500 pound sculpture was in need of significant conservation. One benefit of collecting works by living artists is that they are available to consult on necessary conservation work and help make plans for artworks' future configuration and display. Klotz was awarded her first National Endowment for the Arts Craftsman Fellowship for La Grange, and was therefore eager to help preserve the sculpture. Over a three month period in 2016 she worked to repair the foundation, reattach detached elements, replace lace, and extensively clean her work. The work is now protected under a plexiglass vitrine and is a great example of the ongoing relationships SMoCA has with the artsits whose work we collect.

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