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    Yo Soy/Myself

    30  x 22 in.
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    Yo Soy/Myself, 1999
    Cristina Cardenas
    30  x 22 in.
    Segura Publishing Company Archive, museum purchase 2000.006.09

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    In the center of the print is a young girl wearing a long-sleeved white dress sitting on a green, white, and red colored chair. She holds a small painting brush in her left hand as her head is facing to the left, following the direction of her gaze, we find the beginning words of the black text on the yellow walls. With a closer inspection, the curved text reads, “Flota en el aire como un pesar que se va clavando en los corazones C.J.Cela”. The quote comes from Camilo José Cela’s novel, “La Colmena” and is translated as follows: “It floats in the air like sorrow that sinks into hearts.”

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