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    El Colgado II, The Hang II

    Gouache on bark paper
    8  x 4 in.

    Cardenas combines iconography and images that speak of her cultural background and nationality. A pair of legs dangle at the top surrounded by blue clouds. A “Viva Mexico” banner freely wraps and flows around both legs. Drops of blood trickle down from the left leg. Reaching toward the bottom we find imagery that can be found in a one-dollar bill – the leaves which frame George Washington’s portrait. To the right of the currency is a sharp fence. Beneath the images, there is text – “por la ilusión ingrata de ganar dolares,” in English meaning, “for the ungrateful illusion of earning dollars.”
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    El Colgado II, The Hang II, 1998
    Cristina Cardenas
    Gouache on bark paper
    8  x 4 in.
    Purchased with funds from the New Directions Fund 1999.027

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