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  • Mayme Kratz (United States, 1958 – )

    Autumn ( A Dream of Home)

    Resin, flowers, steel

    Mayme Kratz is a multidisciplinary artist known forher sculptural and two-dimensional mixed-media polymer resin works inspired and created from the natural world. Kratz finds her material from desert walks taken throughout the Southwest: seedpods, insect wings, cactus roots, bleached animal bones, leaves, grasses, and flowers. Carefully preserving these organic elements in delicate compositions with resin, each structure houses its own intricate world. Collecting for the artist is a form of archiving memory. Placing them in her termed “resin reliquaries” is a way of elevating the often ignored, overlooked, or dismissed. The artist says of her work, “My collected specimens celebrate the endless cycles of change and rebirth in nature. The houses are actually altars; I refer to them as reliquaries since they’re taking what I find precious and giving it a sense of place and importance.”
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    Autumn ( A Dream of Home), 1996
    Mayme Kratz
    Resin, flowers, steel
    Anonymous donation 2018.017.a-k

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