4mm Jet Pack image

    Jet Pack developed by ASU’s Human Machine Integration Lab, the objective of the project is to enable the average soldier to run a 4 minute mile.

    Alisa and Jason Yocum, Co-Founders of Stax 3D printing.

    Justin Ryan, PhD, holding a 3D printed heart.

Arizona Scientifica

Sat, Apr 8, 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

$100 (Members $90)

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Join SMoCA staff for behind-the-scenes visits to some of the Valley’s most exciting laboratories to see the way technology is changing how we live. Lunch and transportation included. Participate in hands-on activities at Stax 3D, enjoy demonstrations of mechanized exoskeletons at ASU’s Human Machine Integration Lab and get up close and personal with 3D printed hearts at the Cardiac 3DPrint Lab at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Meet in SMoCA parking lot.