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Artist Talk: Aakash Nihalani and Daniel Rozin

Thursday, Jun. 6, 2019, 7 p.m.


  • Free with RSVP: $0

Artists Aakash Nihalani and Daniel Rozin team up to talk about their interactive works in the exhibition Mutual Reality: Art on the Edge of Technology. Guests will get a sneak peek of Nihalani’s new artwork inside SMoCA Lounge before it’s revealed to the public.

About Aakash Nihalani

Using a variety of mediums from masking tape to metal, Aakash Nihalani creates minimalist geometric forms on two-dimensional planes that simulate three-dimensional interactive experiences. Exploiting the malleability of human senses, his site-specific artworks modulate our spatial perceptions to provoke surprising and often humorous moments that interrupt the routine of everyday life. His works are meant to encourage the public to explore what they perceive as space and become active participants interacting with the work. Nihalani brings an all new work to SMoCA Lounge, transforming the space into a large interactive installation for the public.

About Daniel Rozin

Daniel Rozin has been investigating the structure and materiality of images for nearly three decades. He assembles discrete components using a range of materials to create a whole image, probing what constitutes an image and what can be transformed into one. Rozin’s interactive installations and sculptures integrate the viewer in real time to create a representation of the viewer’s likeness in the object. What he calls his “kinetic mirrors” are often made with materials that become unexpectedly reflective, responding to a person’s presence via a camera and custom software. For Rozin, reflection and surface transformation become a means to explore human behavior, representation, and perception.


7374 E 2nd St
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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