past Exhibition

    Honda Syoryu, Spring, 2003. Bamboo, 11 x 13 x 12 inches. Collection of SMoCA, Gift of Carolyn Eason in memory of Don Eason.© Honda Syoryu. Photo: Peter Bugg.

Significant Forms: Sculpture from the Permanent Collection

Jun 2 – Sep 9, 2012


“What quality is shared by all objects that provoke our aesthetic emotions? …Only one answer seems possible—significant form. “

―Clive Bell, 1914

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is proud to present Significant Forms, an exhibition of sculpture from the museum’s permanent collection. The artwork will range from Modern to Contemporary, small to large, conservative to radical. The viewer, according to Clive Bell, must approach these objects with an “artistic sensibility and a turn for clear thinking” to experience the significant form.


Organized by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Curated by Director Tim Rodgers, Ph.D.