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Unapologetic: All Women, All Year

Feb 15, 2020 - Jan 17, 2021

This yearlong collection show that highlights powerful works by women artists in conjunction with the national platform Feminist Art Coalition (FAC) is now available to view online.


About the Exhibition

Unapologetic: All Women, All Year takes an in-depth look at works from SMoCA’s collection, highlighting diverse women artists whose work boldly and unapologetically parses topics such as identity, beauty, violence, and equality. Artists include Dotty Attie, Melinda Bergman, Claudia Bernardi, Dominique Blain, Cristina Cardenas, Sue Chenoweth, Judy Chicago, Renee Cox, Lesley Dill, Bailey Doogan, Angela Ellsworth, Lalla Essaydi, Dorothy Fratt, Barbara Hepworth, Laura Korch, Barbara Krashes, Kyung-Lim Lee, Laurie Lundquist, Muriel Magenta, Louise Nevelson, Yoko Ono, Adria Pecora, Barbara Penn, Beverly Pepper, Monique Prieto, Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith, Kate Shepherd, Deb Sokolow, Beth Ames Swartz, Julianne Swartz, Kara Walker, Carrie Mae Weems, Melanie Yazzie and Asami Yoshiga.

As a result of historically being overlooked within the structure of art history, women constitute an average of less than 15% of the artists in museum collections nationally. For the year, SMoCA presents a selection of women artists from its collection to bring awareness to this lack of inclusion. This exhibition’s title conveys a sense of strength, signaling for systemic change within culture, where individuals of all gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, age, and ability see themselves represented within museums. On view during the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the United States, Unapologetic aims to create a space that recognizes the importance of equality within cultural institutions.

This exhibition presents a variety of mediums and genres of art, including modernist bronze sculpture; large, abstract, shaped canvases; conceptual art; written word; photography; printmaking; painting; sculpture; and collage. It is the Museum’s first yearlong collection show, and it includes a section for rotational highlights, as well as a gallery dedicated to rarely shown installation-based works (on view February 15 – September 13, 2020).

Organized by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Curated by Lauren R. O’Connell, assistant curator, with Keshia Turley, curatorial assistant. The exhibition is part of Feminist Art Coalition (FAC), a national platform for art projects informed by feminisms. For more information, visit




Artist's Note

You can learn more about featured artists included in our virtual Unapologetic rotation section in our Museum Musings series, where we invite artists and staff to utilize our blog Inspire as an outlet to make meaningful connections by sharing personal reflections and insight into their practice.

Learn more about select artists featured in Unapologetic through our Slow Art Sunday series, where a member from the SMoCA team provides a short description of the artists and artwork on view. You can also stream the videos on our Facebook page.

Exhibition Press

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