General Visitor Information

Administration: 480-874-4640

General Phone: 480-874-4666

Gift Shop: 480-874-4666

Development: 480-874-4609

Exhibitions: 480-874-4640

Education: 480-874-4642

Rentals: 480-874-4604

Media Inquiries: 480-874-4626

Membership: 480-874-4689

Email: [email protected] (general information) or [email protected] (media inquiries)


Staff List

Julie Ganas, Curator of Engagement and Digital Initiatives: [email protected]

Jennifer McCabe, Director and Chief Curator: [email protected]

Valerie Ryan, Assistant Director: [email protected]

Carrie Tovar, Registrar & Collections Manager: [email protected]

Lauren R. O’Connell, Curator of Contemporary Art: [email protected]

Keshia Turley, Assistant Curator: [email protected]

SMoCA Lounge Inquiries: [email protected]

Frank DeCurtis, Exhibition Manager: [email protected]


Media Inquiries

Brian Passey
Communications Manager
[email protected]

Sydney Ritter
Public Relations Specialist
[email protected]