past Exhibition

    Jena Sanchez

Video Works: M. Jenea Sanchez

Oct 27 – Feb 3, 2019


SMoCA is excited to be screening three videos by local artist M. Jenea Sanchez, this fall in SMoCA Lounge. Growing up on the border, M. Jenea Sanchez (Douglas, Arizona; born 1985) inserts herself between, among, and outside of the American and Mexican culture status quo. As the sociopolitical climate of the border region remains controversial, she continues the conversation of permeability and how the perception of the actual line of the border can be reimagined and the dangers they implicate.

Through performance and video, M. Jenea Sanchez is interested in the complexity of identity within the framework of the borderlands, the exploration of place and architecture, and the investigation of political rhetoric with her three works: Skinning to Whiten: Survival Mechanism (2011); Ring Around the Rosie (2017); and Invisible Massacre (2018).