Artist Sue Chenoweth leads a lively tour of her work for Docents and museum visitors alike. Photo: Peter Bugg

What is a SMoCA Docent?

Docents are guides, interpreters and all those volunteers who:

• connect visitors with a range of age, ability and backgrounds to the beautiful and challenging collections and exhibitions in art museums;
• encourage young audiences to explore and discover, think independently, consider multiple perspectives and express themselves creatively.

A SMoCA docent is a volunteer trained to facilitate learning at the museum through public tours and education programs. Our docents have a passion for contemporary art, are lifelong learners and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others in engaging ways. They come from a variety of backgrounds and are storytellers, educators, customer service experts, arts advocates and museum lovers. Docents complete several months of training and commit to volunteering for at least two years (though many stay much longer).

Perks of Being a Docent

• In-depth training program on contemporary practices of art, museums and museum education
• Ongoing training opportunities, including exclusive tours with artists, curators and other subject matter experts
• Invitation to VIP openings
• The joy of sharing your love of contemporary art with children, students, families, teachers and visitors to SMoCA
• Lifelong friendship with other docents
• The perks of membership including shop and ticket discounts

Program Commitments

• As a freshman docent, you will be required to:

o Attend weekly training every Wednesday from 9–11:30 a.m., October – May
o Pay a $75 course fee

• Once you’re a docent, you’ll be required to:

o Attend (almost) weekly meetings on Thursdays from 9–11:30 a.m.
o Pay an annual $50 fee
o Become a member of Scottsdale Arts (minimum $50 level)
o Acquire a minimum of 12 credits through a combination of tours and committee work (approximately one tour per month)
o Have fun and share your passion for the arts with visitors, staff and fellow docents

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