May 13, 2021

Voice-Over: Zineb Sedira exhibition catalog

Voice-Over: Zineb Sedira is SMoCA’s new exhibition that goes into the heart and mind of French born Algerian artist Zineb Sedira. Voice-Over is Sedira’s first solo exhibition in the United States and is a culmination of installation, personal and historical artifacts, and video works shown in 2019 and 2020.

Voice-Over is a vibrant, visual exhibition that conveys the political through the personal, making use of multiple storytelling tactics and voices. Using photography, video, archival films, and recorded interviews, she unpacks issues such as the silenced cultural history of Algeria and her heritage inscribed within the French colonialization of Algeria—her parents’ homeland. A large influence of her work is from the 1969 Pan-African Cultural Festival, an important turning point in globally acknowledging the colonization of Africa, the start of de-colonizing and celebrating the countries and cultures of Africa.

This exhibition catalog allows the viewer to reflect and dive deeper into the visuals that Sedira presents as a window into her own life. From images of the recreated installation of her very delightful living room to the wall of records, small mementos and posters of the 1969 Pan-African Cultural Festival, this catalog allows one to explore Sedira’s life deeper in the comfort of their home. To enjoy this catalog from the comfort of your home, you can purchase the catalog online or in person at the Shop@SMoCA.

Raechel Miller, assistant retail manager

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