past Exhibition

    Michael Robinson, video still, These Hammers Don't Hurt Us, 2011. Single-channel digital video projection, color, sound; running time: 13 min. Courtesy of the artist and © the artist.

MASHup: New Video Art

Feb 9 – May 19, 2013


What do you get when you combine a maudlin scene from Little House on the Prairie with the Thompson Twins’s 1980s pop hit Hold Me Now?

A mashup.

A mashup recombines elements of two or more pre-existing songs or videos, usually by two different artists. Of course, mashing-up artwork is nothing new. Dadaists, and later beat generation authors, introduced cutting up, i.e. combining non-related texts and rearranging them to create a new work. Today’s mash-ups mirror the ubiquity of popular culture, internet and memetics of the hive-mind. Artists Cory Arcangel, Natalie Bookchin, Christian Marclay and Michael Robinson’s artworks pay homage to mass media: film, music, television and YouTube videos.


Organized by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art