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Project Space

Carolina Aranibar-Fernández: Oleaje

Feb 10 - Aug 4, 2024

Oleaje [Groundswell] features new large-scale installation works by Bolivian-born artist Carolina Aranibar-Fernández that map and memorialize the rippling effects of a coercive global trade industry.



Presenting new large-scale installation works by San Francisco-based, Bolivian-born artist Carolina Aranibar-Fernández, Oleaje [Groundswell] accentuates the hidden ripples of a global mining and trade industry that is reliant on forced access to natural resources and the human labor supplied by marginalized communities. Through extensive archival research and the use of labor-intensive handmaking processes—like etching, sewing, cutting, and printing—Aranibar-Fernández translates the complex movements of resources on a global scale into vibrant, finely rendered impressions of cartography and topography. Through each work, the artist meticulously traces and memorializes the impacts of capital flows and the environmental scarification found at the intersections of extraction and exploitation, exchange and power.   

Raised between the Andean mountains and the Amazon jungle, Aranibar-Fernández’s artistic practice draws on her first-hand experience witnessing the devastation of her homeland’s natural environment by foreign corporations. A deliberate tension is created in her work through her blend of the frangible—sequins, beads, plants, and embroidery—with the material history of human consumption as a means of unveiling how extractive economies accelerate issues of global trade, such as forced migration and displacement, environmental exploitation, and oppressive labor systems. Oleaje centers material as an active component in narrative building, highlighting its continuous effect on ever-shifting geopolitical tensions and its intersectional role toward a remedial future.  

This exhibition is part of the series PROJECT SPACE—an initiative that supports emerging and established artists in expanding their practice. Organized by Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) and curated by Keshia Turley, assistant curator. Generous support provided by Title Partner Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation.  

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